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Pharmocare™ 8120 AZ MCT

Medium Chain Triglycerides 60:40 C8:C10

Emollient ester, spreading agent
Liquid at 25°C

Product specification

Monograph Name

Triglycerides, Medium Chain


Almost colourless oily liquid.

Relative Density

min. 0.93 max. 0.96


max. 30 mPa.s

C6 Fatty Acid

max. 0.5%

C8 Fatty Acid

min. 55% max. 65%

C10 Fatty Acid

min. 35% max. 45%

C12 Fatty Acid

max. 2.0%

Complies to In-House Specifications

Pharmaceutical Applications:

Cosmetic Applications:

Nutrition Applications:

*Oil component, high spreading emollient.

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